"GreeneStone's clinical and hospitality staff are all seasoned professionals. But what makes them so unique is their passionate dedication not only to their profession, but to serving our residents with compassion, respect, and a loving heart."

The GreeneStone Experience we want you to enjoy extends to every facet of your stay with us from individual therapy sessions to a satisfying meal.

Clinical and Administrative
Dr. Anita G. Teslak, C. Psych - Vice President of GreeneStone, Director of Admissions
"By nature individuals have a desire for mastery, growth, change and to overcome challenges. It is wonderful to witness transformations."

Dr. Anita Teslak is GreeneStone's Vice President in charge of admissions at the Muskoka facility. She provides assessments, delivers counseling, coaching. and supports and oversees the residential treatment facility. Before joining the GreeneStone team, Dr.Teslak was most recently the CEO of Adler International Learning Inc. and has continued with Adler as a Professor of Psychology in their Master’s Degree Program. She has held senior leadership roles in the EAP, consulting, and financial industry as well.

Dr. Teslak is a member in good standing with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and a member of OPA and CPA. She was a board of trustee member for the Psychology Foundation of Canada where she chaired the workplace committee where she developed the “Staying on Top of Your Game” a mental health wheel. Her article, “Motivation in the Workplace” was published in the Individual Journal of Psychology Spring 2010. Dr. Teslak holds a B.A from York University, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.
Dr. William R. Jacyk, MD, FRCPC - Medical Director
"Accompanying people in recovery and helping them start their new lives is challenging and inspiring. Energy consumed by pain and shame is miraculously transformed into respect, dignity and honour. Truly a new freedom”.

Dr. Jacyk is a physician, educator and researcher who bring over 30 years of experience in treating addictions and conditions that often co-occur with substance abuse. Prior to coming to Ontario, Bill was an Associate Professor in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba teaching hospital, St. Boniface General Hospital. He specialized in Substance Use Disorders in Health Professionals, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and First Responders as well as other safety-sensitive occupations.

He has published research identifying the issues of alcohol and prescription drug abuse in the elderly. Dr. Jacyk joined Homewood Health Centre in 1999 with the express purpose of developing a program specifically for seniors and subsequently was also instrumental in developing a comprehensive program for those who suffered concurrently from addiction as well as Posttraumatic Stress.

Bill joined GreeneStone 12 years later to further develop an evidence-based concurrent disorders program in the healing environment of GreeneStone. Dr. Jacyk advocated for individuals who have suffered childhood, adult, domestic and occupational trauma and for several years was the chairman of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness. He was recognized for his contribution by receiving the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in 2002. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, the National Coordinator for treatment and education for NavCanada and the Senior Clinical Consultant for GreeneStone.

"My role is to help create the conditions for change to unfold… to be of service with a large heart."

Stephen is the Program Director of GreeneStone Muskoka. He brings with him over twenty years of experience in a variety of settings in both the public and private sector. He has worked in Quebec and Ontario in the area of Addiction and Mental Health delivering counseling, education, and support for those in recovery. Prior to arriving to GreeneStone, Stephen lead St. Michael’s Homes in Toronto in the role as Program Director.

He holds a Master’s degree in Human Systems Interventions, a graduate diploma in Instructional Technology and recently completed Rotman’s Community Health Leadership program. Stephen is a systems thinker who believes strongly in building a cohesive team. Stephen is a dynamic and energetic take-change agent with a long history of helping organizations to develop and grow.

Connie Foster, Nurse Practitioner-PHC, MSc - Primary Care Practitioner
“My role as a primary care practitioner is so diverse and allows me to link primary care to mental health and addictions and provide educational opportunities and strategies to promote better health outcomes. I believe that healing can be achieved by working towards harmony and balance. The care I provide stems from a holistic framework and it’s so important to incorporate the mind, body, spirit and emotions into an individual’s plan or care in order to promote the best opportunity to heal and stay well.”

Connie is a Nurse Practitioner and provides intake physical exams and episodic care for GreeneStone residents. Connie brings with her 30 years of healthcare experience that has spanned the North Simcoe Muskoka region in both the urban and rural community. Connie has held the title as Red Cross Homemaker, HCA, PSW, RPN, RN- BScN, and Nurse Practitioner-PHC, MSc. She has worked in almost every field of healthcare from providing home care for children with specials needs to seniors and end of life care, long-term care, public health, and a previous regional Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner.

She has also worked in remote communities in the Sioux Lookout Zone in Northern Ontario for many years and provided care as a Community Health Nurse/Acting Nurse in Charge, which included a strong component in mental health and addictions. Connie is actively involved in promoting improvements for mental health and addictions in the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) 12 region. Connie is currently a Board Member and Treasurer at the Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic in Huntsville, ON.
Therapists and Counselors
Hildegard Jacyk, MA - Therapist, Spiritual Counselor
"By nature individuals have a desire for mastery, growth, change and to overcome challenges. It is wonderful to witness transformations."

Hildegard Rempel Jacyk is a therapist providing counseling focused primarily on the integration of spirituality and recovery, along with facilitating the process of grieving of losses. Hildegard holds a Bachelor of Social Work Degree and a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, namely a Holistic Psychology, drawing widely from teachings of major spiritual traditions.

With 25 years of experience in counseling and accompanying individuals, Hildegard employs a variety of meditations and mindfulness practices and incorporates the most recent and updated training in grieving losses, change and transitions.Hildegard models a serene, calming, quiet presence and style in her accompaniment and guidance, allowing participants to experience a sense of what it means to live a spiritually-centered life. This is provided in an atmosphere of respect, honour and affirmation, all in keeping with the beauty, peace and tranquility of nature in which GreeneStone is nestled.

Lindsay Johnson, Hons. BSc - Addiction Therapist

Lindsay Johnson is an Addiction Therapist at GreeneStone. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science, and also graduated with honours from Post graduate studies in Addictions: Treatment and Prevention. Before joing the staff at Greenestone she worked in Community Programs supporting individuals with mental health and addiction issues as well as in a Women's In-patient Treatment facility in Western Canada.

Matt Feness - Primary Therapist

"I love being a part of the diversified and experienced team at GreeneStone. They are a strong team that think outside the box and come up with creative individualized treatment plans.”

Matt has been working with individuals dealing with substance abuse issues for the past 20 years and has been a primary therapist at GreeneStone since 2012. He graduated from CTS College with honours the year before and completed his placement at Salvation Army Hope Acres. He was also a fulltime case manager at Halton Recovery House before he cmae to Greenestone. Currently, he is in the process of acquiring his "International Drug and Alcohol Certification".

Keith Thurlow-Bishop, MA, MSc
"Looked at from the right perspective, all time low's can also be the solid foundation on which to build and maintain a life free from addiction. As a psychotherapist I am honoured to be part of that process and the journey to freedom and growth.”

Originally from England, Keith studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge and worked for a community mental health team for 7 years before completing his 5-year Masters Degree in psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute, which is part of Middlesex University, London. He also trained in Somatic Psychotherapy with Dr. Ruella Frank at the Center for Somatic Studies in New York City and was awarded postgraduate diplomas for working with people with addictions and eating disorders.

Before to moving to Canada, Keith worked at the prestigious Life Works Community in the UK where he was the Senior Psychotherapist, providing individual, group and family therapy to people recovering from addictions and eating disorders. Before joining the team here at Greenestone Muskoka, Keith worked for the Eating Disorder Program at Toronto General Hospital where, in addition to his clinical role, he also taught and supervised postgraduate clinical interns and was an Adjunct Lecturer and Field Supervisor for the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. A passionate artist and musician, Keith has just recently completed his PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Tim Dickson, Clinical Associate
"I feel honored and privileged to be present with the residents of our community as they work through major changes in their lives.”

As a GreeneStone Clinical Associate Tim’s client support role includes facilitating group therapy, 12-step programs, aftercare support, individual counseling, and coordinating recreational activities. Tim has worked for 10 years in other residential treatment centers as a Withdrawal Management Counselor, Aftercare Coordinator, and Primary Therapist (for over two years at the Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community in British Columbia).

Tim has been awarded certificates from Vancouver Community College in Substance Abuse Counseling as well as in Business Leadership. He has completed certificate courses with the University of Toronto and CAMH in Concurrent Disorders, Applied Tobacco Cessation Counseling, and Opioid Dependence Treatment. He has also completed the beginning as well the intermediate sections of the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Program, and is also is engaged in completing the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program. He is a proud member of the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Federation and is in the process of acquiring his international certification.

Andrew Karagianis, BA (hons)
"I enjoy working at GreeneStone because it gives me the opportunity to help our clients help themselves.”

Andrew completed the Addictions and Mental Health graduate certificate program at Durham College, and also has an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from York University. He completed his field placement at GreeneStone where he gained practical experience with group facilitation, individual counseling, and the impact addiction can have on people's lives. He is once again at GreeneStone, now as a part-time Clinical Associate.


Medical Support
Spencer Allen, RN - Director of Nursing Care
“Happiness is the state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values”.

Spencer is the Director of Nursing Care for GreeneStone Muskoka, bringing over 20 years experience serving in both hospital and community settings. He has worked in palliative care-Addiction/Mental Health with a focus on client self-empowerment. He is passionate about the journey of recovery and encourages a holistic approach to wellness. Spencer is a member of the RNAO and he belongs to the Palliative Association of Ontario.
Lisa Petrie, RPN
"I love my job because I genuinely care about each and everyone who walks through these doors. I feel honoured to be a part of their journey to recovery. I have personally been affected and experienced loss caused by mental health and addiction and feel like I was meant to be here as a part of such an amazing team of caring people.I feel I learn as much from the clients as they learn from me. It is just an amazing place and I am lucky to be here. Everyone deserves a caring, non judgemental place, to feel safe and that is what Greenestone is.”

A graduate of the Practical Nursing program at Georgian College, Lisa also completed a six month New Graduate Imitative Program at Royal Victoria regional health Center where she was trained in minor exams in the Emergency department as well as medical rehabilitation and surgical nursing. Lisa also worked as a practical nurse at a long-term care facility. She has always wanted a career in mental health and addictions and is very passionate about this area of nursing. Lisa is very grateful to have found GreeneStone Muskoka and is looking forward to a long and rewarding career with us as part of our health care team.

“Working at GreeneStone has allowed me to learn and grow as a professional and as a person. The holistic approach at GreenesStone Muskoka has lead to our clients gaining a more positive and healthy lifestyle while on their journey through recovery from addiction.”

Lisa is a registered practitioner nurse here at GreeneStone. Actually, she atarted her nursing career here as a practical nursing student in 2012. Before returning to school for nursing, Lisa completed her honours B.A. in Social Justice and Peace Studies and Childhood and Family Relations.

Devon Colmer, RPN
"Knowing that I am here for any person who steps through the door, and being a part of his or her life journey, gives me great honor in who I am as a nurse. Working at GreeneStone has had a warm-felt impact on me and I have a large passion in caring for people and ensuring that every resident knows they can depend on me - judgment free."

Devon graduated from Canadore College in Parry Sound and worked as a practical nurse at West Parry Sound Health Centre in many different departments of the hospital. Devon currently works at GreeneStone Muskoka as a Registered Practical Nurse, but also continues in her role as apractical nurse at West Parry Sound Health Centre. She looks forward to helping and serving everyone she will meet at GreeneStone.
Diane Sledzion, RN
Diane has had a long and varied career since her graduation from Ryerson in 1975. Her many years of experience as an active psychiatric nurse and a float nurse (both in general hospital duty and long-term care) are a valuable asset to Greenestone. Diane is also an active member in O.N.A., serving as a bargaining unit president. She is also a certified member of the Workmen Safety and Insurance Board, and has been a member of the Greenestone healthcare team since 2011.

Administration and Amenities
Kim Laurie, BA, ICCS - General Manager
“I am very passionate about helping people move through the process of recovery. I enjoy watching the changes that occur when people discover recovery, which is nothing short of a miracle. I believe in the human spirit and its ability to fight for experiencing life in a healthy way.”

Kim is the General Manager of GreeneStone. She earned her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and has worked in the addiction industry with adult clients for nearly 20 years. In her varied career Kim has been a front line addiction counselor both in inpatient and outpatient programs, a clinical supervisor for addictions counselors, and a program coordinator for the addiction program at Homewood Health Centre.
Joanne Bogart - Front Office Administrative Assistant, Receptionist
“I work at GreeneStone because of the people. I sincerely enjoy helping others and I know that even in some small ways, I am truly helping them.”

As our Front Office Administrative Assistant and Receptionist, Joanne is the first smiling face you will see when you come to GreeneStone. She has had many years of successful experience in the service industry. A Business Administration and Accounting Graduate, Joanne attended post graduate courses while continuing her education in computer technology. Joanne is responsible for much of the day-to-day administrative tasks at GreeneStone. You'll hear her on the phone, see her compiling information for clients, making referrals, and just helping the staff in general be more efficient. In addition to her administrative duties Joanne also helps residents with various tasks in their daily life.

"I take great pride in producing healthy, vibrant and eclectic fare for the residents at Greenestone on a daily basis. I truly believe that diet alone can really accelerate an individual’s rehabilitation process. Re-fuelling the body with a complex diet of healthy cuisine is the building blocks to your mind body and soul. Watching residents glow from our culinary creations makes it definitely worth while."

Sean Sullivan is the in house Executive Chef at GreeneStone. He has been leading the kitchen team since being appointed in October 2012. Chef Sean loves the challenge of cooking for clients that are committed to eating healthy. He believes that his motivation for cooking comes from exercising creativity, variety and passion in the kitchen. His culinary career started at Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver in 1997, finishing the program with honors. After apprenticing under Team Canada’s gold medal chef Yoshi Chubachi at the Calgary Petroleum Club, he went on to complete his red seal certification in 2001.

Chef Sean’s culinary passion led him to being a personal chef abroad cooking on private yachts. After travelling extensively on 5 private yachts throughout 34 countries he took a break and worked at Vancouver’s Lumiere with Chef Rob Feenie. After completing a culinary bread course in Bath England at Le Bertinet and Notters School of Chocolate in Orlando Florida he now resides in Muskoka where he calls home.

Phil Zullo, Health and Fitness Trainer
"Our commitment is to provide each GreeneStone Muskoka Resident with everything they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We hold the highest standards of confidentiality for all of the Residents. Our goal is to help the residents meet their goals."

Phill Zullo is recognized as a leader in the health and fitness industry with over two decades of experience in the field. He is recognized for his expertise on elite athletic training, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and health and lifestyle management. His own personal life experiences have fueled his passion in his work.

Phil’s clients have ranged from athletes in the NHL, PGA, MLB, CFL, NFL and Olympians from Canada, U.S, China and Russia to models, actors, global business leaders, young athletes and children with special needs. Through his travels, Phil’s tactics and success have gained him much recognition.

Wendy Hewlett - Security/Clinical Associate
"Greenestone embraces motivational encouragement and evidenced-based approach to addictions treatment. The team comprises of experienced and passionate professionals. Our residents are an inspiration to me on a daily basis as they work towards changing their lives, improving their health, and supporting each other on the road to recovery. Being a small part of that journey is truly a blessing that I will always treasure.”

Wendy joined the GreeneStone team in July 2012 as overnight security and support staff. While working in that role, Wendy studied and earned her diploma as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist. She then transitioned into the role of Clinical Associate. Wendy is also a published author and enjoys writing romantic suspense novels. She is currently working on the third novel in the Taylor Sinclair Series.

Resort Team Support

Housekeeping Team: Amanda Baker, Athena Gostick and Maxine Bauldry

Gardening and Grounds: Andrea Laske

Building Maintenance: Garry Scott (manager) and Brian Bauldry

Weekend Reception: Ryan Bauldry

Security: Roberto Cobar and Wendy Hewlett