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We're not just another rehab center

There are many substance abuse clinics in the US and Canada that treat alcohol and drug addiction with standard medical detox procedures and traditional psychotherapy. But the GreeneStone Residential Addiction Treatment Center is a breed apart, and is the only addiction treatment center of its kind in Canada. Set along the shore of Lake Muskoka in tranquil Bala, Ontario GreeneStone's residential addiction treatment center combines the amenities of a fine resort with contemporary holistic treatment for addictive disorders of alcohol and drug abuse.  

Unlike most facilities that treat their inmates like convicts requiring lock-up or constant supervision, the staff at GreeneStone understands that its residents are human... with human needs, frailties, and very human problems. So residents here are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect and can earn a lot more "privileges" than they would normally have at a typical drug or alcohol rehab facility.

Our residents are special

Most GreeneStone residents have been highly successful in their careers, and are used to the kind of creature comforts we provide in our private or semi-private rooms and suites.  We've had lawyers and doctors, corporate CEO's, entertainers, politicians, professional athletes, policemen, firemen, and even commercial airline pilots stay with us. So you'll be in good company, whether you're in a group session or just enjoying the companionship of other residents over a delicious and nutritious meal.

But no matter what residents do in "real life", they all have one very important thing in common. They are all committed to getting well, to breaking free from the stranglehold alcohol or drug abuse has held on their lives, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get free and stay that way.

You are invited

To find out if you qualify for GreeneStone treatment, give us a call and we can discuss your goals and objectives. And if you'd like to look us over firsthand, we'd be pleased to arrange a tour of our clinic for you (schedule permitting). And of course feel free to bring your spouse or family if you wish. You can even have lunch with us and sample our cruise-ship quality cuisine.

If you're not sure where you are on the road to recovery, take this simple "Readiness Quiz". It's only 5 questions.

What makes us different


Our facility is unique

No locked wards, no hospital gowns, no hardcore alcoholics, angry teens, or dangerous drug addicts... just professional people like you who want to get well in a private treatment center that's more like a resort or spa than an addiction clinic. With 43 acres of woods, trails, and Lake Muskoka shoreline the serene and tranquil environment GreeneStone provides is the perfect, safe, and secluded place to heal and recover from alcohol or substance abuse. We also have many recreational facilities including an indoor and outdoor pool, fishing and kayaking on the lake, Yoga and workout rooms, a sauna and massage room, tennis and shuffle board courts, and even fly fishing and access to a golf course.


We put you first

As a "patient first" addiction recovery center, we put your needs way ahead of ours. Of course structure is very important in any alcohol or drug treatment plan, but we are a lot more flexible and less authoritarian than most other rehab facilities. As long as you can stay within our rules and guidelines, we can treat you like the adult you are, and even reward you with extra special "treats" (like a family day) when your progress merits it.


You won't find better care anywhere

Our professional clinical staff is not only certified and licensed, they all have decades of experience treating  victims of alcohol and drug abuse and are expert at uncovering the root causes of addictive behavior and co-occuring conditions. Our amenities staff is as fine as any 5 star hotel could wish for. And our chef... well, you'll just have to taste one of his international dishes or scrumptious deserts for yourself.

How it all started...

"The first time I visited GreeneStone I was immediately captivated by the peace and serenity of the resort, and knew instantly that this would be an ideal facility for treating business executives, professionals and even firemen and police officers whose lives were being destroyed by alcohol or drug abuse.

I know what a problem this has become in industry and in government, and I thought I could really make a difference in the lives of these very productive people who generally are treated like dangerous addicts at most other facilities. But treating them that way really doesn't help their recovery any. Executives and professionals need a nurturing environment with all the amenities they are used to having if they are to heal and grow.

Having been active in both the hospitality and healthcare industry for many years, the idea of running Greenestone as a residential addiction clinic seemed like a perfect match... an outstanding business opportunity, and a wonderful way to service clients who could truly benefit from this novel union."

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What we do

Our goal is to set you free from the addictive behavior that's now controlling your life. The unique, personalized treatment plans we create for every resident are designed to meet your individual needs and goals. Our treatment combines a supervised detox program with proven Holistic Therapy, but we don't just treat the symptoms of your "dis-ease". We blend individual, group, and recreational therapy in a holistic therapeutic approach that is designed to heal and restore your body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic Therapy is the key to unlock your future and free you from your past.

Why it's good for you

GreeneStone's Holistic Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse can...

  • Free you from the pain you're in
  • Put you in charge of your destructive cravings
  • Give you hope for the future with renewed purpose
  • Find and treat the underlying causes of your addiction
  • Teach you the social skills you'll need to function in the real world
  • Help you reconnect with family, friends, clients, and business colleagues

The GreeneStone Holistic Treatment Plan

Our team

Our Clinical Director and Admissions Director each have decades of experience treating and caring for victims of alcohol and substance abuse and are leaders in their field. And all the other senior members of our therapy staff are licensed and certified healthcare professionals with years of clinical experience as well. Combine that with a top-notch resort management team, and you have GreeneStone... a unique and definitely upscale, residential addiction treatment facility.

Meat the Whole Team
Dr. William R. Jacyk, MD, FRCPC
Clinical Director

Physician, professor, and research scientist... Dr. Jacyk offers GreeneStone residents over 30 years of clinical experience treating addictions and conditions that typically co-occur with substance abuse. (more)

Dr. Anita Teslak, C.Psych.
VP, Admissions Director

Administrator, professor, counselor, and life-coach... Dr. Teslak is a senior therapist and the first point of contact for candidates seeking admission to GreeneStone's residential addiction treatment program. (more)

"After having abused myself for so many years, recovering in a beautiful, peaceful and safe setting under the care of experienced doctors was very important to me. Today, after two years of sobriety I am still very grateful I chose GreeneStone to start my recovery."

Catherine L.

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